During a Living Room Social Dance, with live band!

About Bluesdancing Enschede
We are an association that brings the love of bluesdancing to everyone who is willing to experience it! In 2013, our association was founded by Erik Nieland and Jonne van Belle, and ever since we have organized weekly classes and social dances, as well as workshops and parties.

About Bluesdancing
Bluesdancing is a family of dances all based on dancing to different styles of blues music. It focuses on the connection with the music and your partner. It is relaxed and highly improvisational but has strong foundations that tie the styles together. Bluesdancing is mainly a partner dance without fixed partner, but it can also be danced solo or in groups.

To get an idea of what we do, take a look at the videos, or listen to the playlist. Did we peak your interest? Send us a message or join us at one of our events!

A choreography created by some of our own members.
Two amazing international teachers, Vicci and Adamo